Amila Sampath

Software Engineer & Digital Creator

“Hello, I’m Amila Sampath, a proficient software engineer and innovative digital creator rooted in Sri Lanka. I’m passionate about crafting tech solutions and pushing digital boundaries.”

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*Crafting beautiful brands and websites. Contact me for more services.

From beginning ideas to individual integrity, rich identity from the line on the paper to final projects.

Web Development

Comprehensive web development services delivering innovative solutions for modern requirements.

Digital Creations

Specializing in comprehensive digital creations, employing innovative & creative strategies.

app development

Cutting-edge mobile app solutions tailored for seamless user experiences and functionality.

Backend Handling

Empowering applications with robust backend solutions, ensuring security, and seamless functionality.

Featured Works
IoT, Research

Monitoring System

The Wise Eye Elderly Monitoring System in Sri Lanka integrates machine learning for automatic activation, accident detection, and personalized care. Using image classification and voice recognition, it enhances safety by alerting caregivers of emergencies, predicting activity levels, and lightening caregiver loads. Evaluated with real scenarios, it offers tailored and effective elderly care while raising safety standards.
Featured Works
Web Development

Kandy Selection

The Kandy Selection Fashion Store’s Laravel-based eCommerce website offers a seamless shopping experience for trendy clothing and accessories. ECommerce site enhances customer interaction with its responsive design, allowing shoppers to explore, select, and purchase fashionable items conveniently. With a user-friendly interface and secure transactions, it amplifies customer access to the latest fashion trends.
Featured Works
Web Development

Ceylon Bliss

The Wedding Photographer Portfolio website showcases captivating and personalized collections of wedding photography. It offers a visually engaging platform presenting diverse albums capturing the essence of each wedding. This platform allows visitors to explore the photographer’s artistry, view portfolios, and connect for services, offering a captivating display of timeless wedding memories.
Featured Works
Web Development

AYDA Awards

Nippon AYDA Competition website, exclusively dedicated to architectural design excellence. Here, visionary architects and designers converge to showcase their innovative concepts and redefine the future of architectural landscapes. This platform serves as a global stage for aspiring and seasoned professionals to exhibit their groundbreaking designs, fostering creativity and pushing the boundaries of architectural innovation.
Featured Works
Mobile App Development

Job Seeker

Job Seeker is a specialized mobile application meticulously crafted for individuals seeking employment within the dynamic realm of the IT industry. This innovative platform functions as a virtual gateway, streamlining the job search process for tech-savvy professionals while catering to the needs of employers and job vendors. It’s a one-stop destination for job seekers and job vendors alike, revolutionizing the recruitment domain.
Featured Works
Mobile App Development

SLIIT Community

The SLIIT Community App stands as an indispensable tool, offering a centralized platform for students, faculty, and staff within the SLIIT university community. It serves as an essential gateway for staying informed about university-related details, announcements, and critical notices, ensuring that everyone remains up-to-date with the latest information vital to their academic or professional pursuits.
Featured Works
Mobile App Development, Web Development

Ticketing System

The Train Ticket Reservation System is a centralized platform managing ticketing operations through a robust backend. Seamlessly integrating with a web application and a mobile app, it offers convenient ticket booking services. The centralized backend streamlines the entire reservation process, ensuring efficient management of ticket inventories, schedules, and user data. Users can access the system via the web application or mobile app.


Insights Through Ink: Exploring My Academic Publications.

Nov 2023
Wise eye elderly monitoring system

ML-powered Elderly Monitoring System enhances caregiver support.

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Oct 2022
Application for Inventory management system

Efficient inventory system enhances supplier management for IPax.

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Feb 2022
Application Framework with Git and NoSQL

Git-integrated NoSQL framework for application development.

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Intern Software Engineer

Engaged as a software engineer intern at SyncBridge Pvt Ltd, Sri Lanka, exploring the depths of tech innovations.

2020-PresentThe airpix
Founder & Digital Creator

Founding the AirPix Video Productions, I lead as a visionary digital creator, crafting immersive visual narratives.

2023-2023syntax technologies
Web developer

Employed as a Web Developer at Syntax Technologies, where I am delving into the latest web development technologies.

I excel across multiple programming languages, robust expertise in a wide spectrum of domains.


Successfully completed academic projects within specified timelines.


"Accomplished a series of successful projects,


Working & studying hours

Delighted Client Experiences

“Can work independently. Without being limited to the programming scope, self learning on other areas such as videography, photography, editing etc. Team working.”

Madusanka Pradeep

Technical Lead at Syncbridge Pvt (Ltd.)

"Amila took the time to truly understand our brand, message, and target audience, and then translated that into a visually stunning video that encapsulated our story perfectly.."

Jonh Eric

TOYOTA Reseller Australia

Working with Amila Sampath on my Ceylon Bliss Pvt (Ltd.) website was exceptional. His expertise, friendliness, and unwavering support were invaluable. Amila surpassed expectations, making the process enjoyable and delivering a remarkable website.

Enoch Balasooriya

Owner of Ceylon Bliss Pvt (Ltd.)

“Amila meticulously planned every aspect of the production. His commitment to excellence and his passion for their work truly shine through in the final product.”

Amal Ranawaka

Event Organizer in Australia 

“Great work, easy to communicate with and asked lots of questions to ensure accuracy. well done. I needed some graphics done at last minute did fantastic work. I will see again for upcoming projects. Thank You!”

Ryan Bradley

Fitness Trainer in USA

"Excellent service, very responsive and great value! Done Our Music Video Editing Really Professional Level. Amazing work. Loves it. He listen and done. We will definitely be working with him again. Thanks again Amila"

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